Speeding Ticket Leads To Ill-Advised Prank Call


Crank Call In Retaliation For A Speeding TicketA Long Island man received an 85/55 speeding ticket while traveling on the Northern State Parkway.  The ticket was returnable at the North Hills Village Traffic Court.  The driver wanted to get even with the cop so he allegedly made an ill-advised prank call.  About a month after the speeding ticket was issued, the motorist called the police officer‘s mother and said that her son was seriously injured in a car accident.

Using phone records to trace the call, the police arrested the 54-year old motorist.  He is now in much more trouble than a simple moving violation being charged with second-degree aggravated harassment, a misdemeanor in New York.

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  • The moron should have called from a public pay phone. Even doing a *67 to block you from caller ID can be traced, so it’s not the best way to hide. Another way is to use a VoIP service like skype to initiate the call, since the numbers are virtual and cannot be traced back easily using conventional means.

  • I was just reading about a new law congress passed. It seems that if you make a prank call you can get up to two years in prison. I think it is just for serious scams though, like bomb scares and things like that.

  • I highly enjoyed reading your article, keep up posting such exciting posts!


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