New Technology To Prevent Texting And Driving


AOL Small Business journalist Geoff Williams recently wrote a great article about various technologies which are available to prevent texting and driving.  These applications essentially prevent a driver from using his or her cell phone while operating a motor vehicle.  For example, one application uses GPS and the rate of location change to determine that the cell phone users is traveling in a car.  What isn’t clear is how the application can tell whether the person is driving or just a passenger.

So why would someone want to restrict cell phone use?  Employers are worried about accidents, injuries and lawsuits while employees are on the job.  Similarly, parents are worried about protecting their children and others from injury.  To read the article, go to texting and driving technology.

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  • I think this could be a potential cause for something much more serious. If you can’t use your phone while moving… I guess someone that’s been kidnapped can’t call for help?! And what about someone on their way to the hospital (pregnancy, major injury, etc.). They won’t be able to call for help on the way?

    Education, not restriction..

    • JohnB, you raise a very important point. I believe that calls to 911 are excluded from the effects of the application. Indeed, in New York, emergency phone calls are exempt from the cell phone law requiring a hands-free device.


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