New Traffic Book Reveals Interesting Driving Facts

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In his new book, “Traffic: Why We Drive The Way We Do” author Tom Vanderbilt spent years researching the driving habits of motorists and arrives at some surprising conclusions. Studies show that using both lanes as long as possible makes merging traffic move faster. While men have less accidents than women, accidents involving men are more often fatal. Cruising for a real close parking spot at the shopping center usually takes more time than taking the first available spot (albeit farther way) and walking. If you idling for more than six seconds, you are wasting gas and should turn off the engine.

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  • Matt,

    You have a long history of making it easy for people who receive traffic tickets in New York. My wife and I disagree about cruising for a real close parking space. My wife refuses to cruise for a space for more than 1 hour. Drives me nuts.

    On the other hand, I may as well leave my car home. I’ll park in the first available space, regardless of the walk and weather.

    Does the fact about men involved with fatal accidents include the fight after the accident?

    Fun, interesting stuff.



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