New York Traffic Laws Help Make Its Residents The Least Free In The Nation

New York  is the most restrictive state in the country.  That is, according to an index of personal and economic freedom recently released by the Mercatus Center of George Mason University.  The goal of this project was to measure how restrictive is each state from  an individual rights perspective.

Not unsurprising, various vehicle and traffic laws were a significant part of the equation including speed surveillance cameras, red light cameras, seat belt laws, cell phone laws, motorcycle helmet laws, bicycle helmet laws, sobriety check points and laws requiring residents to maintain auto insurance.  Other non-traffic related factors included gun control laws, alcohol sale restrictions, taxes on beer, wine and spirits, asset forfeiture laws and campaign finance laws.  Dead last was New York State.

Given that Albany uses DMV rules and regulations to “tax” its residents, it is not surprising that the many DMV fees, surcharges, fines and laws have resulted in New Yorkers being the least free in the nation.  By the way, the “freest” state is New Hampshire.  The New Hampshire politicians apparently taken to heart the state’s motto …. “Live Free Or Die”.

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  • So much for NYS being a “liberal” state. They’re quite “liberal” when it comes to taxing us to death, but not very liberal in allowing us to drive without feeling like we are on a short leash.


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