No Standing, No Stopping, No Parking

New York City Parking TIcket
New York City Parking TIcket

The following excerpt is courtesy of my friend Margot Tohn, author of the ultimate New York City parking guide called “Park It!” Park It! is the most comprehensive book and map comparing garage rates, locating gas stations, avoiding parking tickets, riding the subway, or finding a restaurant

Most motorists do not know the difference between No Standing, No Stopping and No Parking. Below is Margot’s explanation.

“No Parking” means no parking or waiting for someone, but you can stop to load or unload property, and to let people in our out of the car. Think of it as the ‘drop-off’ or ‘keep it moving’ rule, where you essentially have to keep the car moving.

“No Standing” means you can stop to let people out of the car or pick up someone who is already there, but no waiting for someone or loading or unloading property.  Remember it as ‘people only’.

“No Stopping” is the most restrictive. You can’t stop at the curb for ANY purpose.  This one is pretty much ‘don’t do it’, or ‘think before you stop’.

Remember, if a sign is anywhere on a street block, it applies to the entire street unless the sign has arrows identifying a specific area.

For information about garage rates anywhere in New York City, go to

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  • Shanmugasundaram.V.
    April 2, 2012 11:52 pm

    We have to distinguish the difference between Standing,stopping and parking with time factor as stopping for a longer duration will amount to parking


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