NY Times Follows My Lead

For months, I’ve written about the dangers of driving and texting.  Well, this week the New York Times caught up with me and wrote a piece entitled “Driven To Distraction: At 60 M.P.H., Office Work Is High Risk” discussing this very topic.  The cool part, however, was an online “game” it created to show people how very dangerous it is.

Gauging Your Distraction "Game"
Gauging Your Distraction "Game"

The game is called “Gauging Your Distraction” and is the safest way to prove that motorists should not look at or use their cell phones while behind the wheel.  Even in the safety of your home, you can quickly see how distracting cell phones are to drivers.  Give it a try.

Politicians in Washington are likewise concerned about texting and driving.  Last week, they held a two-day conference entitled the Distracted Driving Summit in Washington, DC to address the dangers of text messaging and other distractions behind the wheel.  With the Federal government involved, could a national law be in the offing?

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