New York City To Get Smart Parking Meters

Old Fashioned Parking Meters To Be Replaced With Smart Meters
Old Fashioned Parking Meters To Be Replaced With Smart Meters

Mayor Bloomberg announced yesterday that he wants to make the parking experience for New Yorkers more user friendly.

Specifically, he studying and testing “smart parking metertechnology which will allow motorists to see a map of available parking spaces within a given area, accept payment from a cell phone, and send a text message when time on the meter is about to expire.

These plans are part of a larger overhaul of the NYC parking system which will also include reducing alternate-side-of-the street parking, lowering scofflaw penalties, and increased sensitivity training for traffic enforcement agents.

In an Op-Ed piece to the Daily News, Mayor Bloomberg asks “Who said that parking in New York had to be so hard?”.  Of course, cynics like City Controller William Thompson, called this a stunt to pander to voters in an election year.  Thompson has a point.  It is common for voter-friendly initiatives to get introduced by incumbents during an election year.  One could ask why weren’t such measures introduced years ago?  On the other hand, at least, City residents get a “gift” once every four years.

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  • I often visit my sister who lives in the Bronx. I follow the rules of alternate side parking rules and regulations. One day I had my car double park because of alternate side rules and I received a ticket. The officer told me that I could not double park my car because my car had out of states tags. I have tried to find the rules and regulations over the internet, and had no luck. Is there any such regulation that I could find, and if so where? I was told this only happens in her neighborhood. Can someone please let me know if this is a rule and/or regulation so I can look this up? I want to fight this ticket but, if the officer was correct, I just want to pay the ticket and never ever bring my car back to NYC. What type of hospitality does NYC show to visitors?

  • Aah — Makes much more sense now. Thanks for clarifying it for me.

  • Margot, I don’t think the system is going to be difficult to implement or manage.

    The map of available spots is not tantamount to a reservation system. Rather, it will simply show you where vacant spots are located. Of course, occupying the spot remains on a “first come, first served” basis. The advantages of knowing where to look are palpable.

    Additionally, you don’t pay for a spot until you actually park in the spot and “feed the meter”, similar to the current system.

  • Being able to ‘reserve’ your parking spot on the street would be great, but what’s to prevent someone from simply taking the spot before you get there? When you show up and tell them you’ve paid for that spot, are they really going to move when they essentially have a free spot that you’ve paid for?

    It’s a great concept. it’s also going to be really challenging to implement and manage.


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