NYC Parking Ticket Figures Impressive

The New York City Council recently disclosed that the City is on pace to issue nearly 10 million NYC parking tickets and collect almost $687 million this year, according That would be a 12% increase from 2009.  As of this January, the NYPD issued 832,290 parking tickets, a 10.5 percent increase over the 753,125 tickets issued through January last year.

The record for number of NYC parking tickets issued is 11.3 million tickets from 1993.

The parking ticket increase is, in part, due to the 234 newly-hired traffic enforcement agents and the recently promulgated rule that allows these agents to issue $115 grid-locking tickets (i.e., blocking the box).

A little help is on the way, however, as the City Council approved a “five minute grace period” allowing muni meter and metered parkers an extra 5 minutes beyond the expiration time on their NYC parking ticket.  This law becomes effective March 21.

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