One Word Marketing

It’s been often stated that the best ideas are the simplest ones. In marketing, it is no different. Busy people in a cluttered world have no time to learn or decipher complex messages. Further, your message needs to told numerous times before it sinks it.

I was therefore impressed when I visited my local Apple store yesterday and saw a huge display for the new iPad 3. Above the large image of the product was just one word “Resolutionary”.

Knowing that the single most substantial improvement to the iPad 3 was the resolution of its screen, Apple came up with the perfect marketing message … and it was only one fabricated word.

Resolutionary is memorable, on-point and (most importantly) simple. It provides Apple staff and zealots alike with an easy way to spread the word about what makes the third iteration of the iPad even better.

I’m not saying inventing a word is always the best way to get your message across. But, in this instance, it works brilliantly.

When your crafting a message, use the “resolutionary” case study as a guide post to keep your message focused and simple.

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