Road Rage? There is an app for that.

Yes, there is now an application for road rage, and it’s free.  It is called CarPong.

CarPong is a social network that lets you send messages to other drivers who have cut you off, dangerously are speeding, or any other reason.  You simply post your message on the CarPong web site, and if the other driver is following their license plate, he  or she will receive an email alerting them of your comment.  Follow your own license plates to be notified when someone else has posted a message about you.  You can even follow the license plates of your family and friends.

You name and email are kept confidential, however.

On CarPong, nobody else can see what license plates you are following.  Additionally, your only public identity is your username and profile picture.  Your name and email address are not displayed.

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  • Some very interesting information here, and a very interesting blog too.

    I will have to bookmark this and stop by more often.


  • Oh this application is great however it really needs to make the personal information confidential to avoid creating big confrontation between drivers – that would be more dangerous.


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