Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Oswego County, New York

More than 117,000 people live in the 22 towns, 9 villages, and 2 cities that make up Oswego County. Alongside Lake Ontario, it is the Salmon Fishing Capital of the Northeast, and also known for its immense railroad growth. Besides the bustling traffic on the waterways and constant run-through of the railroads, locals must be aware of the traffic that stretches over 500 miles of county roads. While part of the Tug Hill Plateau in the eastern part of the county is at its highest point, getting a routine traffic ticket on your way to make that visit, might be your lowest point. Weiss & Associates, PC is here to help you navigate through the journey to dispute your ticket.

Besides Oswego County Court, local courts include:

  • Fulton City Court
  • Oswego City Court
  • Albion Town Court
  • Amboy Town Court
  • Boylston Town Court
  • Central Square Village Court
  • Constantia Town Court
  • Granby Justice Court
  • Hannibal Town Court
  • Hastings Town Court
  • Mexico Town Court
  • Minetto Town Court
  • New Haven Justice Court
  • Orwell Town Court
  • Oswego Town Court
  • Palermo Town Court
  • Parish Town Court
  • Redfield Town Court
  • Richland Town Court
  • Sandy Creek Town Court
  • Schroeppel Justice Court
  • Scriba Town Court
  • Volney Town Court
  • West Monroe Town Court
  • Williamstown Town Court

We can help you fight your NY Traffic Ticket at these locations. Our lawyers are just on the other line waiting for your call.

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“Weiss and Associates, PC were very responsive to my questions. They made the process very easy and even got me a better resolution than they told me I could expect” – Michael W.

Common Reasons Drivers Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Oswego County

The following list is not subject to everything our law offices can help you with, however, we wanted to make it helpful for you to see the options available. For more information, you can head to our website, give us a call or send us an email, and we can direct you with what you need.

Speeding Tickets

Our law office frequently gets calls to help with speeding tickets. The common ticket has fines that range between $150 and $600, and a surcharge can be imposed with a price tag of $88 or $93.

The price range of the fine fluctuates depending on how fast you were going over the speed limit, but courts now have helped New Yorkers come up with payment plans to pay off their outstanding items. Weiss & Associates, PC can help you determine your next steps with direct and affordable (free) advice.

Fight a License Suspension

We can help you fight a suspended license. When your license is suspended or threatened to be suspended, you might not be able to operate a vehicle. Think about simple things like running or errands or going to work. Your daily lifestyle could be hindered if this is a possible outcome, and we want to help ensure you can stay on the roads.

Red Light Tickets

Here are potential outcomes of a red light ticket, if not altogether:

  • 3 points on your license
  • First-time violators can see a fine between $100 and $300
  • A surcharge added to the fine of $88 or $93

Obstructing Intersection Tickets

Obstructing an intersection is when a driver does not accommodate enough room for their vehicle to get across the intersection before the light changes. This kind of violation is commonly referred to as blocking the box. You should not “block the box,” so-to-speak, and only enter when you see there is enough room to get by safely.

This explanation is not applicable for vehicles turning right or left at intersections, only those attempting to go across an intersection and block traffic.

Stop Sign Tickets

If a driver’s vehicle fails to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, that driver is eligible to receive a routine traffic ticket for allegedly not stopping at a stop sign. This means all wheels on the vehicle must come to a complete stop at the line of the stop sign, crosswalk, or building line. Failure to do so could lead to 3 points on your license, as well as a fine that can be up to $150.

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Tickets

Cell Phone and Electronic Device tickets can fine a first-time violator between $50 and  $150. Those who allegedly committed the offense also can see 5 points counted on their driving record. Five points for one offense is a pretty strong consequence. This is because it takes 11 points total for your license to be suspended. Reckless driving is correlated with these types of tickets, they also are 5 points counted against you for one ticket. Device use is defined broadly, so it does not take much for police officers to be able to plead their case against you. Simply looking at your device could count as phone use.

Points and Fines Associated with Oswego County Traffic Tickets

Fines are paid to the government, whereas, points are counted on your driving record totally mark your offenses.

The bigger the fine, the more severe your crime. This is similar to the more points counted on your record, the more intense the violation could be.

Getting 11 or more points over an 18-month period can result in license suspension. You can find how many points the DMV counts against your per offense taken on our website.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Oswego County

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Oswego County can save you money. Weiss & Associates, PC has a knowledgeable team that has been helping New Yorkers for 30 years. We have won countless cases and other times negotiated a reduction in points and/or fines. In Oswego County, certain traffic offenses can be reduced through the Traffic Diversion Program. Completing the program can also result in a dismissed case. Our attorneys can also see if this is an option for you.

In traffic court, both parties need to be able to defend their case. That means it needs to be proven that a driver allegedly committed the violation. A skilled legal team, such as Weiss & Associates, PC, can defend and find holes in a testimony made by a police officer. We can sift through the evidence they bring forth, discovery, and motions provided. If it is not able to be proven, your case has the ability to potentially get dismissed.

More importantly, we can help cut costs to make the experience more affordable. We can help negotiate favorable plea deals and most of the time, our clients do not need to show up in court if they choose our team.

For the long-term, insurance companies might raise your rates if they see a large offense.  It can last for 36 months and if you are found guilty of a point violation within 18 months of already having 6 or more points on your record, you can be subject to paying a $300 or more Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee (DRAF).

Helpful Information About Oswego County Traffic Court

In Oswego County Court, it is advised to not call the court office for traffic tickets. They recommend:

Some things to include are a copy of your ticket, a copy of the accident report, and, if applicable, a copy from your insurance company stating that claims have been settled. For a step-by-step guide, you can find it on Oswego County’s government website for the formal documents.

Common Oswego County Traffic Ticket Questions

Should I Fight My Case Even If I Know I Did It?

Yes. You can have a chance at not only winning your case to be dismissed, or negotiating the price fine for less and reducing your points counted against you on your driving record. It is the best way to potentially clear your driving record. Remember, everything in court must be proven.

How Do You Communicate With Clients?

The best way to reach us is on the phone or by email.

We are open Monday-Fridays during normal business hours.

Will I have to be there at the trial?

No, you do not. When you hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney at Weiss & Associates, PC, we can show up for you.

Why Let Weiss & Associates, PC Fight Your Traffic Ticket Case?

We have a knowledgeable team of lawyers that can help you stay on the road and out of the legal system. We help counsel you through the process and translate the legal vocabulary so you understand exactly what all of the possible results from your NY traffic ticket could be. 

Call Weiss and Associates, PC today for a free consultation, and let us help you get the best outcome for your traffic ticket! Call 212-683-7373 or send us an email to set up your free consultation at lawyer@nytrafficticket.com. We offer FREE advice, so do not delay!

“Weiss and Associates, PC were very responsive to my questions. They made the process very easy and even got me a better resolution than they told me I could expect” – Michael W.