Traffic Ticket Fixing In The Bronx Including At The Bronx Traffic Violations Bureau

The New York Post reported yesterday that as many as 400 police officers could be in hot water for fixing Bronx traffic tickets and parking tickets in possibly the widest spread traffic ticket scandal in New York City history.

Apparently, in all 12 Bronx precincts, fixing traffic tickets was a common practice. Indeed, one or more officers in each precinct were assigned to be “fixers”. These individuals would take requests to make traffic and parking tickets “go away” for friends and families of police officers.

Traffic tickets were fixed when paperwork would get “lost”. That is, fixers would stop traffic tickets from being sent to the DMV in Albany within the 1- to 2-day window before they were batched up and sent out. In other cases, the police officers would fail to show up in the Bronx Traffic Violation Bureau, or simply “forget” the facts of a case.

In light of this on-going investigation, we recommend to all motorists with Bronx traffic tickets to fight their cases. Disciplinary action against the “fixing” officers could result in suspensions and terminations and, in such cases, you will be likely able to win your Bronx traffic ticket on a technicality.

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