NYPD Apologizes To Cyclists Issued Speeding Tickets

In a highly unusual move, bicyclists who were issued speeding tickets while riding in Central Park were given formal apologies by the NYPD. Using a speed gun, the NYPD recently issued a speeding ticket to 10 different cyclists. These cyclists were using the park while it was closed to vehicular traffic. The speed limit in the park is 25 mph for cars but park regulations limit bicycle riders to 15 mph.

All but 1 of the tickets were improperly returnable at the Manhattan Traffic Violations Bureau and, thus, defective.  Violations of Park rules are properly returnable at the Manhattan Criminal Court located at 346 Broadway.  In addition to dismissals, the New York Times reports that police officers from the Community Affairs Bureau went to the homes of many of the cyclists to personally apologize.

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  • The very idea od having a lower speed for bicycles is absurd. There is no where in the country where this is true on the road.

    Moreover, the “15mph” speed limit for bicyclists is so low that a cyclist at normal cruising speed will be defined as speeding. The people who make these rules need to get a stinking clue and go ride a bike. i can do 20mph on a singlespeed; people on road racers will be hard pressed to do 15mph unless they ride their brakes, or walk.

  • This behavior is widespread. Instead of an apology how about compensation for taking off time from work to answer bogus tickets? I got one for “no bell” and through it out. If the NYPD does not enforce no earbud tickets, who will head a little ice cream bell on a pair of handlebars.


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