Unicyclist Beats Traffic Ticket

Kyle Peterson, aka the Brooklyn Juggler, recently beat a bogus NYC traffic ticket and now is suing New York City for $3 million.

It started when police officers issued him a traffic ticket for riding his unicycle on a Brooklyn sidewalk in 2007.The New York City Administrative Code prohibits riding a “two- or three-wheeled device” on sidewalks. Obviously a unicycle doesn’t come within this definition and, therefore, even to a non-lawyer, it is manifest that Kyle’s action did NOT violate this law.

Yet the NYPD issued him the original summons and a second one for disorderly conduct last year. Kyle, who has performed in the Big Apple Circus and at Brooklyn Cyclones games, beat both tickets.

He is now suing in Federal court seeking compensation for being illegally detained during the issuance of the tickets.

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  • nachman ziskind
    March 21, 2011 4:48 pm

    “illegally detained”? seems there is more to this story than related above …

    • Nichman,

      The “illegal detainment” is the time it took the officer to issue the summons during which Peterson was not free to leave.

      Matthew Weiss


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