Grandpa Pulls Gun To Avoid A Traffic Ticket

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Octagenerian Pulls BB Gun To Fight Traffic Ticket
Octagenerian Pulls BB Gun To Fight Traffic Ticket

Here’s a great lesson on how NOT to fight a ticket.

An 85-year old, Illinois man strolled into the Huntley police station to fight a $250 ticket for parking in a handicap spot with an expired permit.  The octagenerian approached the desk officer and started to complain about the ticket.

As he got angrier and angrier about the ticket, the curmudgeon pulled out a gun from his hat.  After refusing to drop it, the officer along with back-up came around and took the gun away.

It turned out that the weapon was only a BB gun.

The man, Peter J. Reilly, was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon and, then, released on a $100 bond.  The parking ticket, too, remains pending.

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